EcoChoice by Rapala

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The first trademark for sustainable fishing tackle products
In 2020, Rapala VMC launched a new sustainability strategy with an ambitious goal: to become one of the leading fishing tackle manufacturers in sustainability.
To this extend Rapala VMC has created a new trademark: EcoChoice - the first trademark for sustainable fishing tackle products, designed for the highest possible performance and the lowest environmental impact.

To realise this, a lot of sub-goals needed to be defined. Like reducing the carbon footprint of Rapala lure production by 25 % by the year 2025, having all Rapala wobblers 100 % lead-free by 2023, and run the Rapala lure production units with 100 % renewable energy. Rapala VMC is proud to tell that the last target has already been achieved in 2021!

With EcoChoice, Rapala VMC has determined a set of requirements for lures, carp baits, band knives to guide the product design, impacting the raw materials that are used and the products and packaging that are designed. Being EcoChoice-labeled means zero lead, bio-based or recycled plastics, and plastic-free or recyclable packaging. In this way a set of requirements has been determined for each product category to guide our product design. These requirements are continuously monitored, Rapala VMC will keep raising the bar.

Eco Choice