The Gravel Gang

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Water care in Denmark

Throughout Zealand (Denmark) there is a very large voluntary commitment to improve the environment in the waters. This applies both to sport fishing associations and to other dedicated anglers who have helped to ensure a more varied animal life in streams and lakes, which benefits in particular the wild trout. And it is this voluntary effort that is so extremely important to maintain and improve good sea trout fishing along the Danish coasts.

Grusbanden - the Gravel Gang - with foundations in Denmark's Sports Fishing Association and Fishing Zealand, is an inspiring and supportive platform for the network to create good environmental improvements, both on an organizational and practical level.

The purpose of Grusbanden is to intensify the water and fish care work on Zealand and the Islands. The focus is on the species trout and primarily its sea-migrating form: the sea trout. The effort concentrates on countering the factors in freshwater that limit the wild sea trout's ability to complete their life cycle.

Grusbanden is a network of volunteers, a joint platform that works with water and fish care in collaboration with municipalities and landowners on Zealand and the Islands on water and fish care projects. Grusbanden implements water and fish care projects on Zealand and the Islands, so that the efforts for larger and healthier trout populations are more targeted with better results. They offer advice and provide inspiration to all anglers and other nature enthusiasts with an interest in living waters, fish stocks and nature.
Everyone can sign up for activities, newsletters and the community in general via Fishing Zealand's website or via Grusbanden's Facebook page