to safeguard the future of the angling industry 

In close collaboration with the EAA (European Anglers Alliance) and Alienor EU our specialized consultants are constantly in contact with EC officials and influential MEPs in order to identify and address opportunities for and threats to the angling industry.

EFTTA informs decision makers in Brussels & all over Europe

about the importance of healthy fish stocks &

the socio & economic importance of sportfishing in Europe. 


  • EFTTA lobbies so that legislation is not implemented in such a way that it unintentionally or unfairly hurts sportfishing.

  • EFTTA urges that overfishing must stop.

  • EFTTA lobbies for abundant fish populations in healthy waters.

  • EFTTA urges access to sportfishing in Marine Protected Areas wherever appropriate, and to provide areas open for sportfishing only.

  • EFTTA pushes all the time so that sportfishing becomes a much more important part of European fisheries policies.



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EFTTA lobbies in close cooperation with EAA & ALIÉNOR



The EAA (European Anglers Alliance) is a pan-European organisation for recreational angling.

While the EFTTA advocates to safeguard the future of the recreational angling industry, the EAA defends the interests of individual recreational anglers in Europe and beyond.

Since 1996, there has been a close co-operation between the EFTTA and the EAA, both sharing many common goals, especially in environmental areas. EFTTA and EAA co-fund the employment of a lobbyist in Brussels. 




Aliénor has created and runs the secretariat of the European Parliament Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment (RecFishing Forum) since 2014. Over the years, they have developed sound expertise in fisheries and aquaculture sectors, particularly in relation to the EU policies concerning sea and inland waters.

This informal group gathering EU stakeholders, MEPs and other relevant EU decision-makers supports EFTTA and EAA to raise awareness on the important consequences of EU decisions on the angling industry.





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