EFTTA lobbies with EAA, ALIÉNOR (EU Parliament) & Jan Kappel (EU Commission)

In close cooperation with the EAA (European Anglers Alliance), ALIÉNOR and Jan Kappel, who is our permanent representative at the EU Commission, we are constantly in contact with influential MEPs and EC officials in order to identify and address opportunities for and threats to the angling industry.

EAA - European Anglers Alliance

The EAA (European Anglers Alliance) is a pan-European organisation for recreational angling. 
While the EFTTA advocates to safeguard the future of the recreational angling industry, the EAA defends the interests of individual recreational anglers in Europe and beyond.
Since 1996, there has been a close co-operation between the EFTTA and the EAA, both sharing many common goals, especially in environmental areas. 
EFTTA and EAA co-fund the employment of a lobbyist in Brussels.  


ALIÉNOR Tailer-made Solutions RecFishing Forum

Aliénor has created and runs the secretariat of the European Parliament Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment (RecFishing Forum) since 2014.
Over the years, Aliénor has developed sound expertise in fisheries and aquaculture sectors, particularly in relation to the EU policies concerning sea and inland waters.
This informal group gathering EU stakeholders, MEPs and other relevant EU decision-makers supports EFTTA and EAA to raise awareness on the important consequences of EU decisions on the angling industry. 
The RecFishing Forum issues the Blue & Green Newsletter with news of recreational fisheries and aquatic environment.

The Blue & Green Newsletter with news on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment


N°45 – October 2023
  • Event - Rethinking the allocation of fisheries catches for fairer and more sustainable decisions
  • Marine Action Plan: The recreational anglers reiterate their commitment towards sustainable fisheries
  • 7 measures to protect the European eel
  • Position papers on 2024 Baltic Sea fishing opportunities
  • The economic importance of seabass angling in the Netherlands
N°44 – June 2023
  • EVENT REPORT - Anglers advocate for more big fish in the sea!
  • The European fishing tackle sector support a strong Nature Restoration Law
  • We need the Nature Restoration Law adopted now!
  • Sharkatag - An initiative of Dutch anglers help gather scientific data about sharks
N°43 – March 2023
  • NATURE RESTORATION LAW - "Anglers are essential not only to monitor fish populations but also to maintain biodiversity" says MEP Niclas Herbst
  • European anglers join more than 100 NGOs to recall that hydropower should not be considered as green energy
  • 2023 fishing opportunities - Seabass: small win but European anglers will have to do without a fair bag limit - again
  • EAA's Sweden member-association Sportfiskarna teaches children to protect and restore nature



N°42 - November 2022
  • ! SAVE THE DATE ! Conference on Biodiversity protection and restoration: the contribution of the recreational fisheries sector
  • More ambition needed for rivers in the Nature Restoration Law
  • 2023 fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea: no major change for recreational anglers
  • Anglers alarmed at sea lice outbreak in wild sea trout


N°41 - July 2022
  • It is high time to include Marine Recreational Fisheries in the Common Fisheries Policy
  • Allocating fishing opportunities to recreational fisheries can benefit the EU's coastal communities
  • Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive: the European Parliament must support sustainability criteria for hydropower
  • Recreational anglers' recommendations on Atlantic salmon and Western Baltic cod


N°40 - May 2022
  • Strong and wide support to include recreational fisheries in the CFP
  • Lack of concrete measures to protect fish stocks in the new Danish cormorant management plan
  • The Swedish Anglers' association buys a hydropower plant to demolish it
  • Open letter to the European Parliament: severe threats to the Doñana National Park


N°39 - March 2022
  • Event | 23 March - Exploring the inclusion of marine recreational fisheries in the Common Fisheries Policy
  • Sea bass: 2022 bag limit for anglers
  • EFTTEX 2022: the European tackle industry fair is back!
  • How to protect our seas and rivers: Commission guidance on protected areas and barrier removal
  • New MEDAC advice on recreational fisheries


N°38 - December 2021
N°37 - October 2021
N°36 - August 2021
N°35 - June 2021
N°34 - March 2021
N°33 - February 2021