Olivier Portrat His love for fish flows like a string throughout his life

Passionate angler, journalist & photographer for more than 30 years -

the creator of over 600 cover-shots all over the world on the topic of recreational angling 

Over the past 30 years, Olivier has been travelling all over the world in quest of great sport-angling - while making his living by publishing articles, photos, books and calendars on subjects in relation to recreational angling.jj 

Passion for angling across the globe


As CEO of EFTTA Olivier is a committed ambassador to represent the interests of the recreational angling industry at the EU institutions in Brussels. That is a major concern for him because the future of the angling industry has never been so threatened as it is today. These dangers are of political, economic and ecological nature. Without an own association like EFTTA the concerns of the recreational angling industry wouldn't be heard in Brussels. The positive aspect is that the anglers are also heard in this way. His lobby work in Brussels concentrates on raising awareness that anglers are nature conservationists. Olivier fights for the anglers and allied industry to find mutual solutions to ensure that recreational angling remains sustainable and friendly to nature. An essential condition for the survival of recreational angling!


"I want recreational angling to be considered as an activity that is modern and up to date. It means being respectful of nature and the environment. If we do not manage to do that, recreational angling will disappear soon".

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