Single-Use Plastic ban list

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Plastic fishinglines, soft- & hardbaits removed from the EU banned items list

Single-Use Plasic (SUP) Directives

EFTTA is relieved to announce that we managed to get through the first plastic restrictions that became valid last year and that could have severely harmed our angling industry. Plastic soft- & hardbaits were in the scope, but also plastic fishing-line! Thanks to our comprehensive efforts we have been able to convince the EU Commission to remove these products from the list of banned items. Without our lobby work the use of plastic fishing-lines and baits would already have been prohibited! We are well aware that this achievement is not definite, as these plastic products can be in the scope again at any moment! So, it is up to us to continue keeping an eye on these developments and to react as soon as possible.

Single-Use Plastic ban list (SUP Directives)