Dutch anglers agree to 30% decrease in lead use over next three years

20 Jun 2018
Author: EFTTA

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A 'green deal' has been agreed by the Dutch Government Ministries and the country's national angling organisation, Sportvisserj Nederland, that will see the use of lead by anglers decrease by at least 30% over the next three years. The ultimate aim is to completely eliminate fishing lead.


Jan Kappel, EFTTA's Public Affairs Officer, will update members on developments within the EU to ban the substance at the association's Annual General Assembly (AGA) on Friday (June 29).


He will tell delegates that more lead restrictions are on the way with EU legislation on lead and leaded products coming under continuous review. He said: “The EU is set to restrict and phase out the use of lead in more and more products. In particular, Sweden and Denmark are pushing for more restrictions."


The EU and 25 Member States have committed to phasing out the use of lead shot in European wetlands and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has been asked to prepare a dossier for future restrictions. Kappel added that possible restrictions outside wetlands are also being investigated.


"It has been impossible for us so far to get a clear insight into the process on fishing weights, both with regards to wetlands and other terrestrial habitats, but we expect something in print from the ECHA later this year.


"Possible bans are justified by the risk of birds' ingestion of lead. However, we find it less likely that a lead sinkers ban will extend to outside wetlands this time around. Also to ban more than those small fishing weights, which birds are at risk of ingesting, would be disproportionate in our opinion and we would expect the Commission to come to the same conclusion."

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