EFTTA and EAA welcome added recognition of recreational fishing by EU

22 Jun 2018
Author: EFTTA

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EFTTA and the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) have welcomed a resolution adopted by the European Parliament's plenary on the 15th of May, which further recognises the importance of Europe’s recreational sea fishing and its major contribution to the economy and jobs.


The resolution requests the European Commission to evaluate the role of angling when considering the Common Fisheries Policy CFP) so that both types of maritime fishing – commercial and recreational – can be managed in a 'balanced, fair and sustainable' manner.


The resolution (non-legislative binding) based on the report entitled 'State of play of the recreational fisheries in the European Union' was drafted by MEP, Norica Nicolai, who happens to be also the Chair of the EFTTA and European Anglers Alliance (EAA)-backed ‘Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment’.


"This is yet another important step towards a much-needed full recognition by the European institutions of the recreational fisheries sector and its importance to people, communities and the economy, including the implementation of the eco-system-based fisheries management approach and 'best-use' of the society's wild fish resource," says EFTTA and the EAA.



Both groups contributed to the preparation of the report and organised a conference earlier this year in the European Parliament to discuss its findings. The meeting was attended by several MEP's and representatives of the European Commission and Member States.


During the debate, EFTTA and the EAA reiterated the need to include the recreational fishing sector in the CFP on an equal footing with the two other major fisheries stakeholders, commercial fishing and aquaculture.


EFTTA and the EAA both welcomed the call for more and better catch and socio-economic data on a regular basis to get a clearer picture of catches by anglers and its socio-economic importance and trends.

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