EFTTA announces appointment of new CEO

25 Nov 2019
Author: Laura Bazile

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With Jean-Claude Bel retiring, the announcement of EFTTA’s new CEO was long-awaited by the recreational fishing tackle industry. The EFTTA Board Members held the final closed sessions with short-listed candidates during the Autumn Board Meeting which took place ten days ago in Amsterdam.

Olivier Portrat has been appointed EFTTA new CEO, after a thorough search process. Olivier is the best ambassador of the European identity of the association (he is half German, half French, speaks German, French and English and also knows Spanish, Italian and Dutch) and has lived across Europe due to his father’s diplomatic activities.

His extensive management experience from global companies, proven leadership skills will greatly benefit EFTTA. After a distinguished career, Portrat decided to leave the corporate world in 1992 and to make his living around the recreational fishing –his big passion.

Over the last 30 years, he has been travelling extensively, fishing in Europe and worldwide. He is a prolific writer combined with a talented film director and producer. Portrat is eager to communicate what he loves about angling in a creative fashion.

Anyone involved in the angling industry has heard about his portfolio of books and magazines’ cover shots on recreational fishing.

Olivier Portrat will attend the Relaunching the EP RecFishing Forum cocktail reception on 26 November 2019, in Strasbourg.

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