EFTTA contributed to Angling Trust’s Save our Seabass campaign.

02 Feb 2017
Author: EFTTA

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EFTTA has supported and financially contributed to Angling Trust’s Save our Seabass campaign.

You can find relevant information on the website:


And on the link:


Angling Trust’s reaction to the EU council decision is available here:


Over 11,500 people signed the petition as it passed the 10,000 threshold.  This means the government are obliged to publish a formal response which you can find here:


Angling Trust is currently pressing the UK and Welsh governments to acknowledge that targeted bass netting is now not permissible under the new rules, which was the aim of the campaign. There’s a disappointment at the levels of by catch still allowed which will be fully exploited by the commercial sector but a significant progress in recent years has been made and bass stocks now stand a better chance of recovering than they did before the rises in the minimum landing size, the new vessel catch limits and the ban on offshore trawling. Moving over to a fully net free bass fishery remains the main goal.


Have you ever wondered what the EFTTA membership fee is spent on?  This is a fine example where EFTTA uses the money – on important issues to  protect the recreational fishing tackle industry.   

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