EFTTA highlights 'flaws' in EU Chemical Agency report on lead

04 Dec 2018
Author: EFTTA

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EFTTA has delivered its report to the EU's Chemical Agency and the European Commission on lead.


In the September issue of Newslines ( )  EFTTA reported that it had hired an expert to help it form a quality response to the report “A review of the available information on lead in shot used in terrestrial environments, in ammunition and in fishing tackle” published by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).


The expert, Dr Bruno Broughton has delivered his report to EFTTA, which has submitted to the ECHA and the European Commission.


Dr Broughton points out a number of 'faults, bias and twisted' information in the ECHA report. He adds that these flaws, if not corrected give the reader a very distorted impression of the impact on birds and the environment from lead sinkers and jigs.


EFTTA is urging the ECHA to publish another revised report taking into account Dr Broughton's report.



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