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11 Feb 2016
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EFTTA position statement - on angling lead weights (sinkers), June 2015


Noting that:

The Convention on Migratory Species, COP11, adopted on the 9th November 2014 “Guidelines to Prevent the Risk of Poisoning of Migratory Birds”, which includes the chapter “Recommendations: Lead fishing weights“.1 The chapter contains both legislative and non-legislative recommendations to reduce the use of lead sinkers.


EFTTA does not agree with all and every detail in the proposed recommendations but EFTTA wish to be pro-active by promoting this position to recreational anglers and the fishing tackle trade:

  • EFTTA calls on the fishing tackle trade and the angling community to voluntarily reduce the use of lead weights to a minimum and to use them only where there are no suitable alternatives.
  • EFTTA propose that lead weights heavier than 0.06 grams should be made from suitable alternative materials to lead.

EFTTA calls on the fishing trade and the angling community to voluntarily stop manufacturing, importing, retailing and using angling weights (sinkers) made of lead above the size of 0.06 grams and replace them with suitable lead free alternatives by 2020 at the latest.


No suitable alternatives:

Sizes below 0.06 grams cannot be made adequately without the use of lead and quantities of metal concerned remains marginal. There are no suitable alternatives. This would permit the continued use of very small split shot and styls as follows;

  • Maximum split shot size in lead Number 8 (0.06g)
  • Maximum styl size in lead Number 11 (0.048g)


Signed on behalf of EFTTA: Jean Claude Bel, CEO of EFTTA

Supported by these angling organisations (latest update: 15 July 2015):

  • Alleanza Pescatori Ricreativi (APR)
  • Danmarks Sportfiskerforbund
  • Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva e Attività Subacquee
  • Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing
  • Fishing Association of Slovenia (FAS)
  • Sportfiskarna
  • Sportvisserij Nederland
  • Österreichisches Kuratorium fur Fischerei und Gewässerschutz (ÖKF)
  • The International Angling Confederation (CIPS-FIPS)



EFTTA position statement - on angling lead weights (sinkers)

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"EFTTA position statement - on angling lead weights (sinkers)"







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