EFTTA Secretariat travel the world promoting EFTTEX

12 Apr 2016
Author: EFTTA

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EFTTA representatives have been travelling the globe promoting EFTTEX and the trade Association.


CEO Jean Claude-Bel, EFTTEX Manager Victoria Seymour and EFTTEX Coordinator Victoria Rogers, attended the China Fish show in Beijing in February, manning the EFTTA Lounge.

Jean-Claude also took part in the Awards Banquet, presenting prizes to some of the winners in the Best New Product Awards.


EFTTA General Manager Janet Doyle, flew to Yokohama, where she attended the Japan Fishing Show. “EFTTA has strong links with JAFTMA – the country’s trade body and organiser of the show”, said Janet.


“It values our support and always invites us to take part in the opening ceremony. We did not have a booth this year which enabled me to visit all the Japanese companies who will be exhibiting at EFFTEX this year and also promote our show to potential exhibitors and visitors.”


Janet also made a presentation on EFTTEX 2016 and the association’s lobbying activities at European Parliament level during a meeting of the International Association, a group representing three of the major fishing trade bodies in the world.


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