EFTTA spreads the word across the world

19 Mar 2019
Author: EFTTA

Category: News,EFTTA

Members of the EFTTA team have been spreading the word about the association and EFTTEX at major international fishing shows.


EFTTA General Manager, Janet Doyle visited the Japan Fishing Show, in Yokohama, while Membership Director, Jacques Prallet, EFTTEX Manager, Victoria Seymour and EFTTEX Coordinator, Victoria Rogers attended China Fish in Beijing. Closer to home, Prallet, Membership and Communications Officer, Marisol Pinillos, and Team Assistant, Jackie Nugent, attended the FeHoVa fishing and hunting show in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.


Prallet, who is spearheading a recruitment drive to sign up more retailers as associate members of EFTTA, told Newslines that the team's visit to one of Eastern Europe's fastest growing shows was particularly revealing. "We want to extend EFTTA's presence to new markets, especially Eastern Europe.


"Many people do not realise what is behind the EFTTA curtain. They think of us purely as the organiser of EFTTEX. Visiting shows like FeHoVa is an opportunity for us to clarify what we do and demonstrate that we are on the side of the industry."


He added the he talked to retailers at the show and was hopeful of signing them up as members in the future. "It is a challenge to convince retailers we are working for them, but whatever the result, they do get a clearer picture of who we are and what we do."

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