15 Dec 2021
Author: EFTTA

Category: News,EFTTEX

It is with pleasure that we write these lines. After cancelling & postponing EFTTEX 2020 & EFTTEX 2021 the EFTTA-Board agreed on the next EFTTEX dates & location:


EFTTEX 2022 will take place between 14-16 September, the location will be the HungExpo Congress & Exhibition center in Budapest (Hungary).


We all have been suffering from the great turbulences created by Covid-19, forcing us in 2020 to postpone EFTTEX 2020 to 2021 and then to simply cancel EFTTEX 2021 in the beginning of March of this year. This was very difficult for us, as for almost 40 years the yearly EFTTEX-Show was financing the lobbying work of EFTTA in Brussels.


We managed to keep our presence and activity in Brussels upright, defending the interests of the industry around recreational angling. This was utmost important, as angling has never been so much under threat as it is nowadays: single use plastic directives have been issued, but – among other things also lead and additives to baits & ground-bait are in the scope of the EU. We managed to avoid plastic-fishing line, as well as Hard- & Softbaits of plastic to appear on the single-use plastic ban list that became valid in June of this year. So, if nothing has changed until now for us anglers and your business in regard of the use of plastic, this is due to our continuous work in Brussels! But we need to be continuously behind these issues as plastic and other substances are still in the scope …


EFTTEX 2022 in Budapest will be more than a simple trade-show. Our goal is to organize a major event around recreational angling in Budapest, making EFTTEX 2022 – and the future EFTTEX-Shows! – for all the European angling industry the event of the year.


As we are currently moving from London to Brussels with a new structure, bookings will be possible by the beginning of February – we will keep you informed …


We are looking forward to greeting you in Budapest!

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