EU unconvinced on pan European cormorant policy despite evidence

11 Dec 2018
Author: EFTTA

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Despite evidence to the contrary, the EU is still unconvinced that a pan-European management strategy is needed to combat the spread of fish-eating cormorants.


At a RecFishing Forum meeting at the European Parliament, a senior researcher at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources of Denmark (DTU Aqua), Niels Jepsen, provided facts about the effect of cormorants on some wild fish populations.


He said that there are increasing difficulties in Denmark to fulfil its obligations in the Water Framework Directive because of failure on the requirement on healthy fish populations. He provided evidence on negatively affected fish stocks both along the coast as well as in freshwater – with documented impacts on eelpout, cod, flounder, eels, salmon and grayling.


Jan Kappel, EFTTA Public Affairs Officer, said: "We have requested a pan European plan for a number of years, but the EU is still not convinced. However, it seems that the Nordic countries may increase cross-border cooperation, which could hopefully result in a Nordic management plan in place one day. "Such a plan is much needed and it could inspire other European countries to establish similar cooperation."


Three presentations were delivered at the meeting and can be downloaded here:

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