European Commission presents its proposal for the revision of the Control Regulation

22 Sep 2018
Author: EFTTA

Category: Lobby,News,EFTTA

In response to a critical report presented by the European Court of Auditors on EU fisheries controls, the European Commission is to revise the current regulation.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Bridge the gaps between the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and other EU policies;
  • Simplify the legislative framework and reduce unnecessary administrative burden;
  • Improve availability and reliability of fisheries data and information;
  • Reduce obstacles that hinder the development of a culture of compliance and the fair treatment of operators within member states.


A European Commission official presented the proposal to members at the Executive Committee of the North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC). Anna Szczodrowska, EFTTA’s Environmental and Fisheries Legal Advisor, attended the meeting on behalf of the European Anglers’ Alliance.


It includes an obligation on Member States to introduce a system to control all recreational fishermen through licensing or registration and a duty on them – Member States – to collect information on catches. Positive changes that could benefit recreational fishing includes improvement in the control and enforcement of regulations affecting the small scale commercial sector, European Commission proposed to remove the number of exemptions that the sector currently enjoys.


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