European Parliament elects new President

28 Jun 2019
Author: EFTTA

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Italian Social Democrat David Sassoli has been elected as President of the European Parliament. He won with 345 votes out of the 667 valid votes cast.  Charles Michel is the new President of the European Council and Ursula von der Leyen was proposed as candidate for President of the European Commission.


Also the 14 vice-Presidents have been elected and their names are:


Mairead McGUINNESS (Ireland, EPP)

Pedro SILVA PEREIRA (Portugal, S&D, PT)

Rainer WIELAND  (Germany, EPP)

Katarina BARLEY  (Germany, S&D)

Othmar KARAS (Austria, EPP)  

Ewa Bożena KOPACZ (Poland, EPP)  

Klara DOBREV (Hungary, S&D)

Dita CHARANZOVÁ (Czech Republic, Renew Europe)  

Nicola BEER (Germany, Renew Europe)  

Lívia JÁRÓKA (Hungary, EPP)  

Heidi HAUTALA (Finland, Greens/EFA)  

Marcel KOLAJA (Czech Republic, Greens/EFA)  

Dimitrios PAPADIMOULIS (Greece, GUE/NGL)

Fabio Massimo CASTALDO (Italy, NI)  



On the 4th July the standing Committees were composed:  and the Fisheries Committee counts 28 members.

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