Event at the Romanian Senate to promote sustainable recreational fisheries

07 Oct 2016
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EU recreational anglers and tackle industry in the Romanian Senate to promote sustainable recreational fisheries

During an event organised by MEP Norica Nicolai, the Romanian anglers and fisheries associations could hear about how the EAA members are organized and carry on activities for the protection of the EU rivers and seas. On the 7th October, a delegation of the EAA board leaded by the EAA President Mr. Fred Bloot and the EFTTA General Manager Mrs. Janet Doyle joined the President of the European Parliament Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Forum Mrs. Norica Nicolai at the Romanian Senate in an event entitled “Environmental benefits and economic impact of recreational fishing”.


This event followed up another conference about the conservation of the Danube salmon that took place in Brussels in April 2016 in the European Parliament. During this event in Romania, the EAA delegation was composed by Mr. Fred Bloot, Mr. Stefan Spahn – EAA Board member, Germany – and Mr. Oyvind Fjeldseth – EAA Board member, Norway. The EAA members exposed the
problems created by small hydropower dams and the lack of protection of the aquatic environment. In order to face these problems, anglers must get united and organized. Also, promoting
sustainable angling is a way to develop green tourism and growth. Mrs. Janet Doyle from EFTTA reminded the audience that the recreational angling sector weighs 20 billion EUR a year and
created tens of thousands of jobs in the EU. “The same could be happening in Romania”, she said. This event was an opportunity for the EAA and EFTTA representatives to network with the
Romanian government representatives, the General Association for Hunting and Recreational Fishing and other local angling associations. “This event is a step forward for a possible future
collaboration with the Romanian anglers”, the EAA President Mr. Fred Bloot said.



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