The ECHA has asked EFTTA to survey its members on the proposed restriction on the use of lead. 

27 Aug 2020
Author: Sandrine Lefevre from the ECHA team & EFTTA bureau

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The ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) has asked EFTTA to survey its members on the proposed restriction on the use of lead. We hope you take part before the final deadline. 

ECHA is currently investigating the need and potential scope of a restriction proposal on the use of lead in ammunitions and fishing tackles. The restriction dossier is currently intended to be submitted in October 2020.

REACH Restriction is a tool for protecting human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals.

As part of the preparation of this restriction dossier, ECHA is currently collecting information on the companies and the various players in the supply chain likely to be affected by such a restriction and on the potential consequences for the sector, this includes an analysis socio-economic impacts. The objective is to propose a restriction which constitutes the most appropriate and proportional risk management measure to prevent the identified risks.

ECHA is still in the investigation phase, it is important that you provide your input to the questions. The information received, especially if substantiated, will be used to make better and more informed assessment of the restriction options, and scope.

We know the topic is vital for our industry, so we extend the deadline to give you more time and let you have your say.

Send your feedback by answering the survey below before 31 August 2020


Need more information? Please, contact:
Sandrine Lefevre - phone: +358 9 6861 8368 in case you need some clarification, or you would prefer to discuss the issues over the phone.

You can also contact the EFTTA team at

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