Jean-Claude Bel meets the French Minister of Agriculture

06 Feb 2018
Author: Marisol Pinillos

Category: Press Release,Lobby,News,EFTTA

The French Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Travert welcomed Jean-Claude Bel (EFTTA CEO) and Jean Kiffer, from FNPPSF (French member of the European Anglers Alliance) on February 5th to talk about the current recreational fishing situation.


Jean-Claude and Jean exposed the serious difficulties that marine recreational fishing is currently facing in the areas concerned by the total ban of sea bass retention for the year 2018. This is mainly affecting France, the UK and Holland. The measures decided by the Council of European Ministers have also caused disappointment and frustration among sea Anglers.


Jean-Claude Bel stated the huge economic and social impact from those activities and brought to light the negative consequences that the implemented measures in the fishing industry will have in Europe.


Asked about his intentions, the Minister pledged that if the new ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) data expected for late March show better prospects, then he will propose again the status quo for 2018. This would mean the possibility of being able to catch one sea bass per day and per fisherman and to work actively to set up a monthly bag limit from 2019.


While waiting for ICES to update the 2017 data, it’s been announced the possibility of filing a summary application with the European Court of Justice for discrimination between European citizens and the use of not relevant data on recreational catches.

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