Meeting to discuss need for Europe-wide strategy on cormorant control

24 Sep 2018
Author: EFTTA

Category: Lobby,News,EFTTA

Cormorants and the need for a Europe-wide strategy to control their impact on fish stocks will be discussed at the next meeting of the EFTTA and European Anglers Alliance (EAA)–backed Forum for Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment (RecFishing Forum).


Despite the European Parliament adopting a management plan which included countries within the union working together to develop a population management strategy a decade ago, the number of cormorants is on the increase – particularly in the Nordic region. Cormorants are said to eat in excess of one million kilos of fish per day.

During the conference, the speakers will give more facts about the current situation and present some possible solutions.  Delegates at the meeting will hear that currently the problem is still managed locally, but scaring away this highly migratory species from one place creates problems in another – making Europe-wide action essential.

The conference is being co-chaired by MEPs Annie Schreijer-Pierik and Werner Kuhn. It will take place on Tuesday, October 9 from 18.30 to 20.00 in Room A5E3, in the European Parliament, Brussels.

EFTTA representatives Jan Kappel (Public Affairs Officer), Anna Szczodrowska (Environmental & Fisheries Legal Advisor), Jean-Claude Bel (CEO) and Marisol Pinillos (Membership & Communications officer) will attend the conference.

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