Membership drive on course to deliver 30% increase in subscription fees

19 Sep 2018
Author: EFTTA

Category: News,EFTTA

EFTTA'S initiative to reduce its reliance on EFTTEX as a source of income by increasing revenue through a membership recruitment drive is on track to deliver a 30% increase in subscription fees.


Former Pure Fishing Europe CEO, Jacques Prallet, is spearheading the plan and confirmed in an interview with Angling International that the membership push is running according to plan and that it is expected to bring in a significant rise.


Jacques’ assignment is to implement the new membership structure and persuade more companies – not just EFTTEX exhibitors but fishing tackle retailers and members of the press – to join the association.


"The increased revenue from subscriptions is being used for the worthwhile cause of protecting and defending the industry. It is all about lobbying and most companies get that. They realise that it is the direction EFTTA should be going. My message is that if you want kids to keep fishing in the coming years, you need to be an EFTTA member."


Prallet added that he has had to break down the misconception that if you are not an EFTTEX exhibitor you do not need to be an EFTTA member. "That is the traditional feeling. My job is to call these people and tell our story and persuade them that they should be supporting their trade association. This is natural in most industries  ­– why should it not be the case in ours?


"We need more members to be better recognised by the EU and national bodies. The stronger we are in terms of numbers the more influence we can exert and can be perceived as a serious and reliable partner. Although heartened by the response of the majority of companies, Prallet recognises that with some businesses he is fighting a losing battle. "Some really do not care or see any benefit in being a member of EFTTA. There are still some big players with this attitude and we really should have none. It is narrow-minded. "Selling an EFTTA membership should be easier than selling a fishing rod. We are talking about the future of fishing. We need to be working together to ensure it is guaranteed."

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