The European Commission assures  no dilution of EU’s water legislation

23 Jun 2020
Author: Jan Kappel & EFTTA bureau

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Yesterday, the European Commission officially confirmedto news media ‘POLITICO’ that the EU’s key water protection legislation, the Water Framework Directive (WFD), won’t be opened for changesas requested by a number of EU Member States and some businesses.

EFTTA’s CEO, Olivier Portrat said:
- “This is a very important announcement by the European Commission. EFTTA has feared for a long time, for good reason, that the Directive would be opened and diluted to meet some industry and Member States’ interests. EFTTA, its members, and Europe’s 25 million recreational anglers have a very obvious interest in healthy aquatic habitats and the life in and around them. Society as a whole, not the least rural areas, benefit much economically from the multi-billion Euro economic activities generated by the recreational angling sector. Angling’s social contribution is as important though not monetized. Angling ‘produces’ millions of happy people from all walks of life.
Therefore, earlier this year EFTTA joined a coalition(1) of prominent companies, who DO NOT want the Directive to be watered down. It is important that our legislators are well aware, that there are many and prominent industry stakeholders, who want to see improvement, not a standstill or back-tracking, of efforts to conserve and protect the environment.”

1) The coalition operates under the slogan “Water is everyone’s business”.
The coalition’s first position statement can be read here:

Note: EFTTA works closely together with the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) on a number of issues. Concerning the WFD campaign, EFTTA has teamed up with environmental proactive businesses, while EAA has teamed up with four other prominent NGOs (WWF, European Environmental Bureau, European Rivers Network and Wetlands International), which together form the coalition “Living Rivers Europe”. An EAA release from today (23/06/2020) gives more information about that:


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