News from our Brussels Bureau (part I)

17 Sep 2019
Author: Jan Kappel

Category: Lobby,News,EFTTA

Jan Kappel, Public Affairs Officer, runs the EFTTA Lobby office from Brussels. He is sharing here the outcome from the discussions and meetings he had recently.

Lead: Two pending proposals for lead restrictions in ammo and fishing tackle
The restricting of manufacture, placing on the market or use of substances require a process in three phases by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA): 1) preparation and submission of a restriction proposal, 2) public consultation, 3) opinion development. Thereafter, the EU Commission may propose a restriction, which will be law if the Council or Parliament do not oppose.
> The restriction process in detail can be read here

In 2015 the EU Commission requested the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to prepare a dossier for a possible restriction on lead shots used over wetlands. At the same time ECHA was requested to start collecting information about any other uses of lead ammunition in other terrains than wetlands, as well as, for the use of lead weights for fishing. So, two restriction processes were initiated by then: one concerning wetlands, and another one concerning terrestrial areas.
> Read here the EU Commission’s request of 3 march 2015.

Wetlands: The three phases are fulfilled. Now awaiting the EU Commission’s legislative proposal.

Other terrains than wetlands: Have reached phase 2. ECHA will publish a dossier on its ‘Registry of Intentions’ soon. When that has happened, ECHA has 12 months to prepare a restriction proposal. And then it is up to the Commission what shall happen next, details, timeline etc.
> Read here the EU Commission’s request of 16 July 2019 to ECHA to develop a dossier in view of a possible restriction.

EFTTA has already delivered one response to ECHA concerning lead fishing weights.
> Read here EFTTA news article, 4 Dec 2018 “EFTTA highlights 'flaws' in EU Chemical Agency report on lead”
> Read here EFTTA’s response to ECHA - prepared by Dr Bruno Broughton.


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