RecFish Forum event launches Water Framework Directive revision process

16 Dec 2016
Author: EFTTA

Category: Lobby,News,EFTTA

The Water Framework Directive or ‘the WFD’, which was adopted and took effect in year 2000, will be the subject for the next RecFish Forum event, March 22.


The WFD establishes a framework for the protection of inland surface waters (rivers and lakes), transitional waters (estuaries), coastal waters and groundwater. The directive requires that all aquatic ecosystems and - with regard to their water needs - terrestrial ecosystems and wetlands shall meet 'good status'. The WFD must be reviewed and possibly revised by 2019.


EFTTA says that the WFD is maybe the most important legal tool we, as citizens, have against river devastating dams and hydropower and water pollution. Therefore, EFTTA is happy about this RecFish Forum event, which – if everything goes to plan – will see the WFD review process launched by the European Commission at the event. MEP Ulrike Rodust will chair the meeting.

As a bonus,
March 22 is a special day, the UN ‘World Water Day’. We couldn’t wish for a better day for this RecFish WFD event!

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