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March 2023

Dear EFTTA friend & angling lover

After a turbulent year that was difficult not only for EFTTA but for all of us, we are finally in calming waters and able to concentrate on what matters most: our lobby work in the EU institutions to ensure the continuation of recreational angling in Europe. 

After relocating from the UK, our newly established non-profit association with headquarters in Brussels between the European Commission and the European Parliament, is composed by a dedicated group of companies who share a common goal of safeguarding recreational angling for the future. We are extremely proud that among the directors all ‚big players‘ of the  recreational tackle trade industry are within the board of EFTTA: Daiwa, Pure Fishing, Rapala VMC, Rather Outdoors and Shimano. Although these companies assume the lion’s share of the financing of EFTTA’s lobby activities, more funds are needed to support our mission...

That is more than necessary because angling is Europe-wide under threats, with potential restrictions coming from multiple sides, whether it be from ecological or political nature. If we do not react on these threats, recreational angling might completely vanish...

EFTTA’s motto is: healthy habitats for healthy fish-stocks and all this within a legal frame that allows the tackle trade industry to thrive. That only works if the environment is healthy. We have a strong passion for the world of recreational angling and are committed to making a positive impact for the future of our community. To be successful, we need the engagement of the entire industry - no matter how big or small your business is! 

To keep on track with the latest developments we invite you to visit our new website www.eftta.com which has been launched earlier this year, providing a flow of information and details on lobby projects, angling news or other remarkable contributions to secure the future of recreational angling. 

Let's be strong together for a bright and healthy angling future.

Support EFTTA!


Very best wishes




New EFTTA President

Due to the retirement of Robin Morley (Daiwa), the EFTTA Board has elected a new EFTTA President on December 21 in 2022.

Jan Mertens (Pure Fishing) is the new president of EFTTA;

Ross Honey (Angling Spirit) supports as Vice-President;

Tobias Hilfer (Daiwa) takes over to represent Daiwa within the EFTTA Board. 


Visdeal: new major EFTTA member

Visdeal first retailer to register as a new active EFTTA member, also joining the EFTTA board.

Willem Bontrup, managing director Visdeal:  ..."The tackle trade industry and recreational angling need all the support they can get, as there are many threats from all sides. I encourage all retailers and brands to join EFTTA and ensure a bright future for the sport and business"...


EFTTA & EFTTEX go separate ways

To fully concentrate on the challenging lobby work, the EFTTA Board has decided that EFTTA is no longer involved in the organization and execution of the EFTTEX show, being outsourced to an independent company. 


EFTTA Position on Lead Ban

Instead of use ban EFTTA pleads for sales ban, import control and consumer information

Previously EFTTA has argued in favour of a use ban. During the working process we have changed our opinion and now agree that a use ban is not required. A sales ban, import control and consumer information should be enough to achieve the intended goals within a reasonable timeframe.


EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)

The EU Commission publishes review of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy 2009-2022 

1/ CFP reform process won't start up before 2nd half next year

2/ Draft proposal: Recreational Anglers shall be licensed or registered to provide more and better data

3/ EC recognizes positive impacts of Recreational Angling

4/ Marine Protected Area's (MPAs): EC recognizes improved environmental sustainability through well-managed Recreational Angling  


The contribution of recreational fisheries

Conference on biodiversity protection and restoration, EU Parliament Brussels

On 30 November 2022, a European Parliament Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment event co-Chaired by MEP Niclas Herbst and MEP Soraya Rodriguez Ramos brought light on the diverse initiatives carried out by the Recreational Fisheries sector, considering the upcoming discussions on the Nature Restoration Law (NRL).


Ladies, Let's Go Fishing!

Women now account for 37 percent of anglers in the U.S.

This is the highest level on record according to the Special Report on Fishing announced by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) in collaboration with the Outdoor Foundation. 19.4 million women went fishing in 2021, an 8% increase in fishing outings since 2019.


The first trademark for sustainable fishing tackle products

Rapala VMC launched a new sustainability strategy with an ambitious goal: to become one of the leading fishing tackle manufacturers in sustainability.

Discover EcoChoice - the first trademark for sustainable fishing tackle products, designed for the highest possible performance and the lowest environmental impact.



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