New EFTTA President: Jan Mertens (Pure Fishing)

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New EFTTA Vice-President:
Ross Honey (Angling Spirit)

Due to the retirement of Robin Morley (Daiwa), the EFTTA Board has elected a new EFTTA President on December 21 in 2022.

  • Jan Mertens (Pure Fishing) is the new president of EFTTA. Welcome Jan!
  • Jan Mertens will be assisted by Ross Honey (Angling Spirit) as Vice-President of EFTTA. Welcome Ross!
  • Tobias Hilfer (Daiwa) is taking over the place of Daiwa within the EFTTA Board. Welcome Tobias!

Robin Morley (Daiwa) has been the president of EFTTA for 7 years (May 2016) and an EFTTA Board Member for 17 years.

Robin is now preparing his retirement and he has therefore left the Board of EFTTA by the end of December 2022.

EFTTA wants to thank Robin Morley for his precious work for EFTTA. The past years were turbulent times for EFTTA. This was due to the Brexit and to Covid-19 that made the classic EFTTEX Shows void. EFTTA had decided to shut down their British structure (EFTTA Ltd. & EFTTEX Ltd.) and to start a new association within the EU. EFTTA is now an AISBL (International non-profit association) registered in Belgium. Robin Morley was of great support in these challenging times as he took over – among others - the task to liquidate our British companies.

On behalf of the EFTTA Board we wish Robin an excellent time for his retirements – may he stay healthy and have a lot of time for fishing!