As an EFTTA member you are an active supporter of the Recreational Angling Industry in Europe. In this way you not only contribute to the growth of the angling industry but – more importantly – you help preserving the freedom and possibility to continue angling in the future.

EFTTA is a recognized non-profit association which belongs to its members. There are no private interests. The membership fees are every year entirely invested to finance our lobby work for the protection of the industry.

We fight continuously for the industry’s and the anglers’ interests, including access to fish and fishing and to avert unfounded or disproportional legislative restrictions. We counter any unjustified policy or regulation, which would restrict or take away the rights to recreational angling.

 As a member, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, attend events and activities that align with our mission, and to be kept updated with our Newsletters informing on the ongoings at the EU. By becoming a member, you will not only contribute to our cause, but also benefit from the resources, network and support we provide. 

What are your benefits


  • EFTTA have their own lobbyist in Brussels to voice concerns of those involved within the recreational angling trade in Europe. Together with specialized consultants we are constantly in contact with the responsible decision-makers of the EU in order to find recognition and to identify and address opportunities for and threats to the angling industry.

  • As an EFTTA member your company will be listed as member on our website. You can have a free link between the EFTTA website and your own.

  • Your company will be eligible to access the password protected areas of the EFTTA website, offering following features:

    • you can autonomously update the account information of your EFTTA membership

    • you have the possibility to set up an extended company profile to publish trade and brand related information on your company. This company profile will be visible to all EFTTA members and can be managed by yourself at any time

  • Your company details will be contained within the EFTTA Membership Directory, which is sent out to all fishing tackle companies worldwide and distributed at trade exhibitions attended by EFTTA.


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We appeal to the fairness and solidarity of all companies relating to the tackle trade sector, to profit not only as a “free rider” of EFTTA’s engagement to protect and promote the recreational angling industry.


Without EFTTA & our work, recreational angling might simply no longer be possible in the future…

Without our members, we cannot lobby for you!

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