EFTTA & EFTTEX go separate ways

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EFTTA no longer involved in EFTTEX:  organization  & execution have been outsourced

In the past, it was EFTTA that has been organizing the EFTTEX Shows. These shows have financed the lobbying work in Brussels for almost 40 years. In order to concentrate on that lobbying work, EFTTA has outsourced the EFTTEX Show to an independent company – EFTTEX Trading Ltd.

EFTTA is the only EU association to defend the interests of the European Recreational Angling Industry and related companies in this sector. On behalf of the tackle trade sector we lobby in the EU institutions to ensure that the economic, environmental, cultural and social values of Recreational Angling are safeguarded, now and in the future. Because of these challenging lobby tasks EFTTA AISBL is no longer involved in the organization and execution of the EFTTEX show. EFTTA AISBL continues to support EFTTEX and benefits financially from its success.

EFTTEX is the largest “B2B” fishing tackle trade exhibition in Europe. The European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) was initiated by EFTTA for the first time in 1982.

EFTTEX 2023 is organized by EFTTEX Trading Ltd. The show is scheduled to take place in Hungary, Budapest, 15-17 June 2023. Membership in EFTTA is no longer a condition for participation in EFTTEX.