Roadmap on circular approach for recreational boats reaching their end-of-life

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European Boating Industry (EBI) launches ambitious 2030 targets on end-of-life boats

On March 31, the European Boating Industry (EBI) launched a “Roadmap on the implementation of the circular economy for end-of-life boats”.

The recommendations in this document support implementation of a number of key EU policy goals, namely the New approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU Transforming the EU’s Blue Economy2, the Circular Economy Action Plan3 and Zero Pollution Ambition4, part of the overarching framework of EU Green Deal. In addition, the European Strategy for more Growth and Jobs in Coastal and Maritime Tourism5 and Staff Working Document on Nautical

We, EFTTA, warmly welcome the roadmap with its sensible recommendations concerning the handling of Europe's millions of small recreational boats at their end-of-life.

The implementation of the roadmap will be of great importance to the environment.

It is mentioned in the strategy that "It is estimated that there are over 6.5 million boats in European waters, mostly smaller than 7.5 m."

To be noticed: 50% of small recreational boats are (also) used for angling. This is another EBI estimate but not specifically mentioned in this roadmap.