Cormorant hearing in German Bundestag

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No longer doubts that cormorants damage fish stock and threaten biodiversity

On 28 June a cormorant hearing took place in the German Bundestag.

The proposal is an important step to place the concerns of German anglers nationwide in the foreground. An essential part of the proposal is the invitation to the Federal Government to develop a so-called action plan for cormorant management. For many years, the DAFV (Deutsche Angelfischverband) has been callling for a change in the current policy.

Cuttings from release by the German national angling organisation DAFV:

  • "During the public hearing, it became clear, in contrast to previous hearings, that there are no longer any serious doubts that the current cormorant populations in Central Europe are causing lasting damage to fish stocks and are also threatening biodiversity in many regions. The discussion and the subsequent questions from parliamentarians therefore did not revolve around the question of whether, but rather how, fish stocks and biodiversity can be better protected from cormorant predation in the future."
  • "The suggestion from the ranks of bird conservation that it is better to simply apply local deterrent measures was rejected as inadequate as the sole solution to the problem by those responsible from the ranks of fish conservation and science, with long-standing practical examples. In agreement with the experts, the DAFV comes to the conclusion that in the long term there is no way around European stock management."