Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

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119 million meters of line collected since launch in 2018

ANLRS announced that they have reached a MASSIVE MILESTONE by collecting and recycling a total of 119,000,000 meters of line in five and a half year. 

"...With our recent mass collection of over 2.2 metric tonnes of old stock monofilament from the warehouse of a midland tackle shop that was closing down, we have not only reached but smashed a huge milestone for the ANLRS.

So yes, that means that in five and a half years a total of 119,000,000 meters of line has been saved from landfill or polluting the aquatic environment.  

Despite the achievement it makes all of us involved wonder how much more we could recycle each year, if the large percentage of tackle manufacturers that haven’t supported the scheme, either financially or even with promotion, had been behind us and banging the drum...". 

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