EFTTA thrilled about steady growth of members

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Companies register to support Recreational Angling in Europe


The EFTTA Board is extremely pleased to see that new membership applications from both large and small tackle trade companies across Europe are being received frequently. 

Besides industry leaders like Korda Europe and Fairpoint Outdoors – which have been presented in earlier press releases – we are delighted that many other companies are also part of the EFTTA family, either through new applications or membership renewal. Among them are: Arca, Anglermania, Balász Filament Technologies, Calicó, Carpfood, CMW, Dutch Tackle, Energofish, Gilliam's Holidays, Mepps, Nays, Next Group, Rippton, Sonik, Stroft Fishing Lines, Tiger, Toppies, Zeck Fishing... 

Furthermore, Visdeal and Alle Angeln, which are our first members in the new 'Internet Player' membership category, represent a new market sector in the Recreational Angling Industry that deserves to be highlighted. 

Earlier this year the EFTTA Board issued a formal 'Industry Alert' to make companies in the Tackle Trade Sector aware that angling in Europe is facing numerous threats that have the potential to negatively affect or even destroy recreational angling in the near future. In a series of video conferences various Directors of the EFTTA Board have given extensive explanations about the current dangers that could have a severe impact on all businesses in and related to the recreational angling sector. 

Thanks to the several video conference sessions about EFTTA's lobby work in Brussels, more and more companies in the sector are realizing the significance of becoming a member of the EFTTA to support the joint efforts in protecting the future of recreational angling in Europe. 

Ross Honey / EFTTA Board: “The only way to save recreational angling for future generations is by teaming-up and defend the Recreational Angling Industry with one voice at the Institutions of the European Union. That is what EFTTA is doing for over 40 years already. Due to today's threats, whith potentional restrictions coming from various sides, whether ecological or political, this challenging task is becoming increasingly demanding and requires all of our resources”. 

Gerard Bakkenes / EFTTA Board: “It's very encouraging that the overall awareness of the dangerous situation of Recrational Angling in Europe is on the rise and companies register for EFTTA membership out of conviction to support our common cause. Because they finally understand that the future of their business depends on our success in Brussels. We are confident that other players in the tackle trade industry will follow these promising examples”. 


To ensure a broad representation covering all different business sectors within the Tackle Trade Industry, new EFTTA membership categories have been created based on the company’s type, location and turnover. It means that manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, internet players or related companies in the Fishing Tackle Industry have various options to select the membership category that is appropriate for their business. Even though the fee for full membership is determined by turnover, the companies applying have the freedom to select the subcategory and referring fee that they consider fair, both for their company and for the EFTTA.

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