Impending angling ban in Amsterdam, known for unique street fishing

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Council decision on September 7, 2023

Recently, a new proposal to ban recreational angling in Amsterdam has been submitted by the Party for the Animals (PvdD). If adopted by the council, the proposal would seriously harm this popular pastime in this pitoresque city, often referred to as 'Venice of the North' and one of the most beautiful places for street fishing.

Since Amsterdam is an open, tolerant city where everyone can participate, regardless of age, origin or income, the action of the Party for the Animals is completely opposite to what the Dutch capital stands for. By banning one of the most popular hobbies of citizens and visitors in Amsterdam, the PvdD contributes to the polarization of the Amsterdam population.

It goes without saying that the Dutch angling community will fight to not let that happen. Their belief is that it would be unacceptable to ban an activity that so many people – young and old – enjoy, and that connects thousands of Amsterdam citizens and visitors with nature.

They also stress that it is inappropriate and completely unjustified to promote the ban on sport fishing as 'good for the fish':

  • It was the Amsterdamse Hengelsport Vereniging (AHV) that was the first to campaign for better water quality in the Amsterdam canals. 
  • It was the same angling club that drew attention to the consequences of sewer overflows and made it possible to construct nature-friendly banks.
  • The AHV in Amsterdam is still the main association that – with the help of countless volunteers ­– rescues fish in distress, investigates fish stocks and takes care of monitoring and preservation.

Not to mention the added social value of thousands of anglers engaging in a healthy outdoor activity in Amsterdam, out of love for nature and with a direct interest in healthy fish stocks! Anglers are the eyes and ears on the waterfront and they help to keep the banks of Amsterdam's waters clean. At primary schools VIS-masters (fish-masters) teach angling with respect for nature and animal welfare.

During the council meeting on September 7, Dutch angling organizations will do everything they can to get the disastrous PvdD proposal swept off the table. Among others, AHV board member Rudy Monden and various well-known Amsterdam anglers and recreational angling experts will speak during the council meeting. Although the speakers are very capable of conveying their message, they can certainly use the help of other (Amsterdam) anglers. By being present with many in the public gallery, an extra strong signal is sent from the angling community to the city council.

That is why Sportvisserij Nederland and Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland – who are also present themselves – support the urgent call to come to Amsterdam on September 7. In this context, it is emphasized that the presence of supporting anglers can only be appreciated if the discussions take place in a positive and dignified manner.

The council meeting will take place on Thursday, September 7 at 9 a.m. in the Willem Kraanzaal of the Stopera, located at Amstel 1 in Amsterdam.

Source: Sportvisserij Nederland
© pictures: Sportvisserij Nederland / Amsterdamse Hengelsportvereniging