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EU Circular Plastics Packaging Conference, May 6-7, Rotterdam

The EU's new Packaging & Package Waste regulations present both challenges and opportunities. Compliance with these regulations may require significant adjustments in packaging design, materials, and recycling processes. However, they also create opportunities for innovation in recycling technologies and sustainable packaging solutions.

Amidst the high recyclate prices, the push to increase demand  for using recycled content requires a multi-faceted approach involving consumer pressure, voluntary pledges, and new legislation.

Within the EU, incentivizing sorting and recycling facilities involves various measures such as financial incentives, subsidies, and regulatory frameworks. Investments in state-of-the-art technologies aim to improve the quality of recycled materials, making them more competitive against virgin materials.

Chemical recycling technologies hold promise for establishing a circular and sustainable economy by converting plastic waste into new materials. However, challenges remain in mass balance and allocating recycled content from chemical recycling, particularly in ensuring transparency and integrity in the supply chain.

Be prepared and join the EU Circular Plastics Packaging conference, an expansion of the 24th Greater Europe PET series  in Rotterdam on May 6-7, 2024 , offering you an opportunity to delve deeper into these topics and engage with experts and peers in the plastics packaging supply chain.

Participation fees:

- VIRTUAL: EUR 1195.00
- IN PERSON: EUR 1295.00



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