Proposal for restriction of more than 10,000 PFAS

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ECHA consultation closes 25 September

The proposed restriction on more than 10,000 PFAS is set to be one of the largest ever on chemical substances in the EU. To seek input ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency has launched a consultation to get information from the industry and other stakeholders. The consultation closes 25 September (see also our previous posting).

EFTTA won't deliver input at this stage. It is up to the companies affected by a possible ban on chemicals that they use to explain the Chemicals Agency (ECHA) how and why they use them, and the impact on their business if banned.

ECHA informed yesterday (20 Sept) in their weekly newsletter:

New index to help search for comments on the PFAS restriction proposal

- "We have published a new spreadsheet giving an overview of the feedback received so far on the universal PFAS restriction proposal. This will help you locate the file where your comment is published and search for other organisations’ comments. It can also be used to create statistics of the submitters."


=>Open the Excel file"Index of the comments submitted to date on restriction report Index"