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Joint action to protect recreational angling today and for the future

EFTTA is delighted to welcome SPRO on board!

With its membership, Spro joins a prestigious list of participating leaders in the European tackle trade industry at EFTTA.

Jelle Westerhuis / SPRO:"As an international distributor with a worldwide network and companies in Europe and around the globe, EFTTA aligns with our commitment to safeguarding the rich angling tradition while promoting sustainable practices in our industry. Given that many national decisions in Europe start in Brussels, we are convinced that joint action through a mouthpiece as the EFTTA is the best way to protect recreational angling and the fishing tackle industry for the future".

Gerard Bakkenes / EFTTA: "EFTTA is proud to welcome SPRO, a well-known and widely respected company in the tackle trade Industry. Our collective efforts to safeguard the future of the tackle trade industry will greatly benefit from their expertise and commitment. SPRO will be a valuable addition to help us achieve our common goals!".