Survey on Skipper Certifates of EU member states

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Should these be recognized across Europe, or harmonized? 

Through EUSurvey the European Commission is conducting a study to explore the pros and cons of potentially recognising skipper licences/qualifications for recreational boating across Europe. 

Currently, a Member State may (or may not) require a national skipper’s certificate to operate recreational boats according to their specific national rules. These skipper’s certificates are not universally recognised across Europe. This means that if you plan to navigate from one country to another, or if you want to charter a recreational boat in a different country, you may require an International Certificate of Competency for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC certificate), an additional skipper’s qualification or you may be prevented from operating/chartering a boat as your national skipper’s certificate may not be recognised in that country.

To gain a better insight to decide on the future procedure, the European Commission has initiated the survey:

"Should the national Skipper Certificates be mutually recognised across EU borders, or harmonised in an EU Certificate?"

=>Click here to participate by giving your views, pros and cons.

Your input will help to understand the benefits and challenges of such a recognition system.
Deadline: End of April