"Take a Friend Fishing": offer a Free Fishing Trial!

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An initiatve by the Angling Trades Association and Environment Agency (UK)

Be a part of a fantastic opportunity to experience angling! Get together with a friend or family member this Spring to go on a fishing trip and start a new hobby. It’s the ideal way to relax, enjoy nature and the great outdoors together.

Take a Friend Fishing is an initiative brought to you by Angling Trades Association and Environment Agency. It is designed to give more people the chance to give fishing a try by allowing a licenced angler to Take a unlicenced angler fishing for a specified day*.

Take a Friend Fishing Campaign Dates:
  • Take a Friend Fishing Easter runs from Saturday 1st of April to Sunday 16th of April 2023 (inclusive) 
  • Take a Friend Fishing with National Fishing Month runs from Saturday 29th of July to Sunday 3rd of September 2023 (inclusive) 


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