EFTTA urges EP to approve the Nature Restoration Law

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November 29: Vote ENVI Committee European Parliament 

EFTTA and more than 100 other prominent businesses & associations are urging all Members of the European Parliament and EU Member States to support the final adaptation of the Nature Restoration Law. 

After the Council agreed on its position on the law in June this year and the Parliament in July, the interinstitutional negotiations (also called ‘trilogues’) on the final text kicked off. On the 9th of November, the negotiators from the Parliament, Commission, and Council reached a provisional deal on the final text of the law. 

While we are relieved to see this agreement, given the fierce opposition to the law witnessed earlier this year, we wish it was more ambitious and in line with what science tells us is necessary to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies. 

To become reality – which is essential to not delay the much-needed restoration work ­– the legislation needs two more supportive votes in the European Parliament, in the ENVI Committee on the 29th of November and during the plenary vote (likely early next year), and final adoption by a majority of the EU Member States. 

EFTTA calls on the EU institutions to support this crucial law to safeguard our future!


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