EFTTA supports a strong EU Nature Restoration Law

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Restoring nature will help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change & biodiversity loss on the economy


EFTTA and more than 30 other prominent businesses/business associations have agreed and published a business statement  in support of the EU Commission’s proposed Nature Restoration Law.

The EU Commission’s proposal is currently pending at the European Parliament and Council. The law may be finally agreed at the end of this year.

EFTTA members’ businesses depend on healthy fish stocks and anglers’ access to fishing. The proposed nature restoration law can provide more of that if the European Parliament and Council agree to the high ambition level set by the EU Commission.
The objectives of the proposed law include the identification and removal of barriers that prevent the connectivity of surface waters, so that at least 25,000 km of rivers are restored to a free-flowing state by 2030.

EFTTA urges the EU institutions to not water down this target!