EP's Environment Committtee voted in favor of the Nature Restoration Law!

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Next step: Parliament plenary vote early next year

Today, the European Parliament's environment committee voted in favour of the provisional agreement between the EU Council and Parliament on the law text. The proposal is now only one step away from the European Parliament’s side of the co-decision process to become reality: adoption in plenary.
EFTTA strongly support this law. 

The only missing step from the EU Parliament’s side is now a final rubber-stamp vote in plenary, expected to take place in early 2024. To conclude the legislative process, the Council will also need to give one last formal approval, which, given that the text already got a green light from the EU Member States last week, will be a formality.

This vote is also the result of several months of unparalleled mobilisation in support of the first-ever EU law to restore ecosystems: more than 6,000 scientists, 100+ businesses, over 200 NGOs, numerous climate activists and over a million signatures and messages from citizens demanding a strong Nature Restoration Law urged and are still urging decision-makers to deliver this much-needed law.

The #RestoreNature coalition, consisting of BirdLife Europe, ClientEarth, EEB, and WWF EU says: “It is encouraging to see how the support for the law has grown since an agreement was struck; the Environment Committee has now shown its clear commitment to get this law ready before the next European elections. However, it is still disappointing to see some MEPs not willing to protect Europe and its citizens from the devastating impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. It is now up to the Parliament’s full house to follow suit and vote ‘yes’ on the Nature Restoration Law.”

Source: #RestoreNature coalition, BirdLife Europe
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