Jean-Claude Bel, CEO of EFTTA, will retire this year in October

25 Mar 2019
Author: Marisol Pinillos

Category: News,EFTTA,EFTTEX

Everyone in the fishing industry knows Jean-Claude. He’s been the face and voice of EFTTA for the last 11 years. He’s travelled the world looking for new companies, partners and agreements to be able to grow EFTTA & EFTTEX’s profiles, and he’s managed to do this successfully.


EFTTEX in Brussels this June will be Jean-Claude’s last show as the CEO. Before he retires, he’s made sure that the whole recreational fishing industry and many relevant European institutions understand that EFTTA, the association, does a lot more than organising EFTTEX, the exhibition.


During the last few years he’s been involved in many important European projects, he’s had meetings with ministers and influencing people at events within the EU Parliament alongside Jan Kappel, EFTTA’s lobbyist and AlienorEU, EFTTA’s & EAA (European Anglers Alliance) consultants in Brussels.


Jean-Claude had already stepped back in 2018 reducing his overseas travel and focusing in the Association’s actions in Brussels. His full retirement was confirmed at the last EFTTA Board Meeting in March 2019, in which the Board of Directors, on behalf of all the EFTTA members, thanked him for the work he’s done over the last 11 years. Jacques Prallet, who started working as the Membership Director in 2017, is representing EFTTA in international shows and he’ll continue bringing new members for at least 12 months from October 2019.


Jean-Claude joined EFTTA with a wealth of experience in senior positions at well-known European companies such as Mitchell, O Mustad & Sons, Mepps, Freetime Group France and Rapala France SAS. Once he retires, Jean-Claude will focus his time on his family and his favourite hobby: playing golf.


There are still some months ahead before you retire but, Jean-Claude, if you’re reading this, we want to let you know in advance: thank you and you’ll be missed. Au revoir!



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